House plants are all very beautiful and they really add a special touch to your home. But there is another house plant, which is not as well known and that is the airborne plant. The airborne plant is a lovely addition to your living room, as well as your garden. It really adds a certain aesthetic quality to your life.

Air plants have been around for thousands of years. They are completely natural and quite often are placed in attics for decades before the homeowner is ever aware of them. In those attics, the plant has been growing year after year.

However, since many homes have windows and doors that are open on hot days, airborne plants become very important. We call them to serve, or cattails. They are especially good if your living room window is situated in the west or south. Airborne plants like cattails and vervets are very important for summertime.

So where can you find air plants? Here are some of the places to look for the best-growing plants:

Whether you choose to have the most beautiful air plants or simply plants for sale at your local garden center, your options will always be limited. But what if you knew where to look for them? The best place for an airborne plant would be your very own windowsill.

One common mistake when people look for this plant is to reach for an old, faded window and hope for the best. Many houses have windows that have been closed for quite some time, allowing large quantities of dust and pollen to settle in and provide an easy environment for diseases. You should never use plants from any window that is still open.

If you cannot afford a window in your house, window borders on the patio can also provide an excellent solution. This is especially true if your patio is low to the ground. Look for windowsills that are weatherproof and you will get excellent results.

Since so many houses are built with wooden frames, they offer the perfect environment for airborne plants. Although they are more expensive than other plants, you might want to include them in your house if you know you will be spending a lot of time in the house.

Plants that need a lot of light are also a great solution, especially if you have never felt the fine texture of the fresh air that passes through the windows in your home. This is especially true if you want a focal point for your house.

Remember to take care of the cleaning of the windows when you leave your house for the weekend. Moisture and dust could cause a great deal of damage to the delicate wood and the damage may not be reversible.

You will also need to make sure that the house plants you purchase are compatible. That means they will need air or water to survive and to thrive.

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