Cheating in our society has become very prevalent. It’s like the white elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. It’s nothing new. For as long as monogamous relationships have been around, infidelity has co-existed. Technology, more specifically the internet, has become a double-edged sword. It allows us to be more productive, to communicate online with friends, family, and loved ones who are near and far. However, it also allows us to communicate with strangers just as easily. Sometimes this communication starts out innocent enough but soon leads to cheating and infidelity.

Before the internet, those who wanted to cheat had a tough time communicating with their lover. The home phone was almost out of the question. Even today, using a cell phone is risky. Even if the outbound calls or incoming calls from the cheating partner are deleted, the cell phone bill will expose strange names and numbers to your significant other.

Letters were too dangerous as the written proof of the infidelity could be discovered too easily. Meeting at the workplace was too risky; people at work would know that wasn’t your significant other and could blow the whistle. Even meeting at a set place and time was risky because you could get caught by someone who knew that wasn’t your significant other.

The internet allows those who want to cheat, a more ample opportunity to do so, and not be suspected as easily. The internet has become commonplace in almost every home. It is almost a necessity. Email and internet chat are practically anonymous. Your significant other could easily set up an email account that you would have no knowledge of. There are many places to chat online.

So, it may appear your significant other is spending those long, late, nights doing work. However, they may be chatting with or emailing their lover. The internet would allow your significant other to communicate with their lover, and you wouldn’t even know it. You would just presume they were online all night because they were working. Meanwhile, they were typing sweet nothing’s to their lover or setting up the time and place for their next meeting.

It is important to understand that not everyone who goes online is chatting to strangers who are potential lovers or setting up meetings with their current lover. If your significant other is up all night on the computer, chances are, they are doing work. I wrote this article not to raise paranoia or fear, but rather to educate. It is important to realize that the internet may be used to carry on infidelity or cheating right under your nose, and you didn’t even suspect it.

When it comes to catching a cheater, knowledge is power.

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