Facebook ads are nothing more than an attractive and enticing invitation to friends to share, tag, comment, like, and share again. Through friends like you, the volume of traffic to your page will increase drastically.

I personally learned advertising on Facebook through the efforts of a friend who had been successful with AdWords. There are some valuable tools available that are free. I highly recommend that you do your research before you purchase one of these tools because there are ads that are an imitation of yours and therefore could mislead you to think that you have been seen by someone else.

So how do you create the most appealing ads? For me, it took months to come up with the right set of Facebook advertising guidelines. After months of experimentation, I was able to create an ad that has brought in double-digit numbers.

The basic structure of this ad is to start with the photo of a product, something I picked out on the basis of the price of the product. I then use one-word descriptions of the product as the headline. It can be anything that appeals to a friend of yours. So if a friend liked a pizza, I might put that in the title.

If the price is low enough, the text under the heading will include a description of the price, or if the price is high enough the description of the price will include the feature that is unique to the product. Here’s an example:

“… gourmet cheddar cookie dough with a touch of cinnamon. Priced at $2.49.”

The ad should use the keyword in the opening sentence, and all the sentences that contain those keywords should include relevant words, as well as allowing for a little suspense. It’s important that you show that you are being genuine, or you might offend some people.

Once the photo of the product has been established, the headline should be established by adding the target audience for this particular ad. “Like, comment, and share.” This is all you need to know to make your ad appealing.

I found that a combination of images and headlines was best. As I said, a good ad will provide the basic structure and lead to more if the viewer feels like they want to keep viewing the ad.

Facebook ads will continue to drive targeted traffic to your website when you have the right ad. It’s just a matter of getting the word out. Social networking sites make your advertisement looks like more people are seeing it when in fact it isn’t being seen at all.

So don’t despair, if you are not on Facebook. I was in the beginning and was frustrated because I was not seeing anything that attracted me. Today I am in the process of building my Facebook page and am enjoying the interaction that I have been receiving from the many Facebook ads that I have purchased.

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