Most people get into a marriage with high and full spirits. They know full well what they are getting into and accept this with an open heart. While you may say that there is a lot of hype in marriages especially on the days leading up to the wedding day, it can get a bit difficult to maintain this momentum.

There are many sad stories told about marriages dissolving because they had trouble maintaining the lives they had imagined they would have with each other. But every day can’t be a honeymoon. While there are indeed good marriages, there are also partners who eventually lose the heat.

Without questioning the devotion and love one partner feels for the other and vice versa, a couple may find their marriage at times to be monotonous and in a humdrum.

A good marriage should always be stimulating for both people involved and should make each other to look forward to another day with each other. It should provide a union that doesn’t erase one’s individuality.

Good marriages just don’t happen, it’s not just about love, devotion, and compatibility. Both men and women should work hard to make a marriage good and keep it that way.

Some tips on a Good Marriage

Be spontaneous and have different interests. It is always good to keep the other guessing. Do not have a predictable marriage that would make the union boring. Have different interests that you could share with your partner.

Be adventurous in the bedroom. Your sex life should be more than satisfactory. Experimenting is not a bad idea. Make your bedroom romps something each one always looks forward to. Do not be critical of each other as well in making love. Learn to appreciate and communicate.

And never forget to have fun. Be a child with each other, remember the good times when you were just dating, try to impress one another, and don’t take each other for granted.

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