Every embroidery machine, regardless of the type, needs proper care and maintenance. It is best to keep them running for long years as a machine, but not left unnoticed and unclean for that won’t make your work better. If you have a passion for embroidery, and you own an embroidery machine, it would be best to start paying even just a bit of attention to it for maintenance.

Taking care of an embroidery machine is not a big task. It can be done in just a matter of minutes provided you know what needs to be done. Well, basically, an embroidery machine only needs little maintenance from the user. It requires only a short period of cleaning, as well as oiling.

Yes, oiling is one important part of embroidery machine maintenance. However, it is important to note that not all parts of a machine need to be oiled. It is always best to see the owner’s manual to determine exactly what parts of the machine should be properly oiled. You can also refer to those spots that are marked for oil lubrication. In addition, it is always good to choose oil that is specifically recommended for your machine. The manufacturer may specify what’s perfect for your equipment.

Keep your embroidery machine free from lint and dust. The lint and dust may be transferred to your machine from the garments or fabric you use. Bath towels, for instance, are potent holders of such dirt. The lint and dust may cling to the machine parts that are oiled or greased. They may also damage the tension springs of your machine’s bobbin if they flow into it. If this happens, the spring on your bobbin case may work improperly as it loses tension.

The lint and dust may further affect the other parts of your embroidery machine if they are not cleaned out properly. They are the usual cause for clogging on the filters of your embroidery machine. Aside from that, the lint and dust may destroy the circuitry and components of your computerized machine, then allowing them to wear easily and quickly.

The lint and dust must be removed from the embroidery machine as soon as possible. Use a mild spray cleaner, or a vacuum to clean off the filter components, as well as the circuit boards of your computerized machine. However, before doing the cleaning, make sure to turn off the machine to avoid harmful static charges.

After all the cleaning and oiling and your embroidery machine is still problematic, there’s no better idea than to take it out for a professional check-up or repair. Consider this move if you noticed certain unusual movements or sounds on the parts of your embroidery machine. Don’t wait too long, have your machine examined to avoid machine damage.

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