If you have been feeling sleepy and sluggish, your allergies might be to blame.

Low energy levels are frequently associated with winter, but for millions of Americans, fatigue and sluggishness are signs of spring. Allergies can make anyone feel out of sorts. Now you can take care of them in your home.

If you have been feeling sleepy and sluggish this spring, your allergies might be to blame. In a study conducted jointly by the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Minn., and Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, N.Y., allergic patients reported higher levels of general fatigue and mental fatigue during ragweed season.

Experiencing fatigue, sadness, or lack of motivation during ragweed season could be a sign that your allergies are bringing you down. Make an appointment with your allergist and ask about prevention and education, including the use of a room air cleaner to reduce airborne allergens.

Ragweed is the most common allergen in the country. Each ragweed plant can produce a billion grains of pollen over the course of a single season. Currently, there is no part of the United States that is completely free of ragweed or other plants with airborne pollen.

While the plants are a permanent part of the landscape, you’re not simply at their mercy. Placing an air cleaner in your home is an easy way to help reduce the amount of allergy-causing airborne particles in your home.

According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), a portable air cleaner that has been given a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) seal may reduce the level of airborne pollutants in a home. According to an AHAM study, 57 percent of air- cleaner owners believe that their air cleaners have had a large impact on the quality of indoor air.

Compare the CADR information on different air cleaners. First, look at the suggested room size. Then refer to the dust, tobacco smoke, and pollen CADR numbers. The higher the numbers, the faster the unit filters the air. If the room size and CADR ratings are the same across two products, the air-filtering performance is similar. You can then weigh the importance of product features, such as noise levels and design, to find an air cleaner that fits your needs.

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