The next time you see an ad on Facebook that tells you to use your mobile to keep up with the latest on your friends’ activities, you might want to pay attention to it. Now, you can create video ads that your audience can’t help but watch.

According to Facebook, video ads are among the top impressions on their social network. As the ad content is usually fairly short and there’s a lot of action in the video, viewers want to keep watching. In fact, many Facebook users who are not actively “engaged” with Facebook are likely to simply ignore videos.

And yet, Facebook is figuring out ways to help marketers exploit its video platform to advertise their products and services. Why?

It’s because of the use of video ads. No, not those annoying animated ones that you’ve been seeing popping up on your wall. This is something that gives a whole new meaning to the word “social.”

A recent article on the blog Social Media Examiner by Lissa Huddleston-Ainslie, who leads Facebook’s global ad products, points out how Facebook is using the power of its video platform to come up with creative ways to bring more people into its advertising platform. She writes: “Video is at the forefront of the Facebook user experience. You can only go up from here.”

A recent study by a group of marketers at Southwestern University in Texas says that text advertising — even when placed on websites that have targeted content — doesn’t get nearly the response as video advertising. According to the study, the chances that a person will be engaged with the ad while they’re reading it far exceed the chances that they’ll watch it.

So, marketers are trying to learn how to capitalize on this. And Facebook seems to be the first site that they are trying to bring their ads to. In fact, Facebook is now allowing advertisers to buy video ads directly from its ad exchange and it will also allow marketers to use HTML5.

Just like other forms of advertising, videos are using technology to create unique experiences for audiences and reach them in the audience’s collective attention span. You can’t get much more “immersive” than watching a filmmaker’s video ad on the red carpet at the Oscars. Video ads can also be animated and used in different formats.

So, what kinds of videos are companies using with their video ads? Well, you can find TV spots on cable and satellite TV stations. You can also find spots in magazines and on the Web and even spot spots that have been rolled out in Google.

Then, there are also YouTube videos that you can use with your video ads. Even businesses that already have a presence on the social networking site can use videos with their ads to attract a larger demographic.

So, when you watch one of your ad videos and you get sucked in, don’t forget to keep an eye on your Facebook news feed. You might be able to see the next ad campaign coming your way.

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